Could not reconnect to all network drives




I encountered an interesting issue with one of my users today. She has a
mapped network drive to a local server. When she logs into Windows XP Pro
she recieves a message "Could not reconnect to all network drives." When I
open up My Computer the network drive is no longer mapped. I can re-map the
drive and it works fine. The network resource is ready and available for
use. The user can log off/shut down and then log back into Windows and the
same thing will happen again. Windows will give the same error message and
the drive is no longer mapped. This is the only mapped drive for this user.
I have temporarily created a shortcut on the users desktop so that she can
have access to the shared folder, but many programs don't work well with this
type of setup.

Any help anyone can offer would be appreciated.


John John - MVP

Delete all the network drives ("net use * /d") and see if things change.


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