Drive Mapping Reverting to old mappings




I have one user (out of 20) who is experiencing a problem with a drive
mapping reverting to an old drive mapping.

The system is XP-Pro, SP1, the servers are W2K Server and NT4 SP6.

Originally - the user had drive letter X mapped to a share on the NT4
machine. With the addition of the W2KServer - this drive mapping was moved to
a share on that machine.

This all worked fine until 2 days ago. Now when the user logs in - the drive
letter X is mapped to the old share point on the NT4 machine. I can
disconnect it, and then reconnect (with reconnect at login selected) to the
correct share (on the W2K machine), but next time the user logs out and logs
back in - the same thing happens, The drive letter is mapped to the old
share point .

This user is set as an ordinary user.

I've checked the machine using an administration account, and if I change or
create a drive mapping - the mapping persists when logging off and logging
back in.


1. Any ideas on how to fix this? I suspect the security setting for the
user may be the problem.

2. Any idea why this happened to begin with? It seems to coincide with
installing the latest MS patches for XP-Pro.


Don Eilenberger (done AT

Dave Hoppel

Check to see if there is a login script that is mapping
the drive. If there isn't try creating a login script
that deletes all previous mappings (net use * /delete /y)
then map what you need.


Sorry... maybe try a really big hammer? If you are
running XP check your Active Directory Settings. You
could also try copying out the user settings to another
test account and see if it persists, if not delete the
original account create a new one and copy in the old

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