2003 RIS Login Error


Ike Turner

Hello All,
I recently built a Windows 2003 Server, and installed the RIS server
on it. I have been able to create and deploy images using various
methods, so I know the server is working for the most part. The
problem is that on the second screen, the one where you have to enter
a domain login/password, only the built in domain admin user is able
to login. I have tried other members of the Domain Admin's group and
they are unable to login. I have been searching through Google for
about 4 hours, and have tried various things suggested with this
problem, but to no avail. I would like for any user to be able to put
in their username/password and go through the RIS process. Here is
the exact error:

"Logon Error
The system cannot validate your user name, password, or domain name.
Verify that your user name and domain name are correct, and then
retype your password. Password must be typed using the correct case.
Be sure the CAPS LOCK key is not pressed"

Then it returns me back to the logon screen. I checked the error logs
and have seen nothing. Does anyone know what permissions or settings
a user/group must have in order to login at that screen. Also, to
confirm that it is going to AD to verify the password I changed the
admin account's password and was able to advance past the screen using
the new password. If anyone can help, please post the answer here for
others and mail me at "(e-mail address removed) Thanks in advance for any




Benn Wolff

Hi Ike

RIS users need a (domain user account)

And go into group policy & turn on
(allow log on as a batch job)

this should fix you up !

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