pxe ris domain login error ?



I used RIS without problems until I installed W2000 SP4 on my Ris Server and
created a (RISetup) cd image (W2K+SP4).
Explanations :
When I hit F12 in a PXE Ris setup I receive some screens .
The second one asks for :

User name:
Domain name:

Before SP4, I fill in the fields without problems.
No AFTER SP4, if I set the Domain name I receive a logon error.
If I omit the Domainname I can login and the installation is started.
But when the PC first reboot it says that it cannot join a domain because
the Domain Name is invalid.

Can someone help with this ?

Thank you very much in advance.



NIC Student

Do you mean these things occur after the client computer finishes the RIS
process and has a new OS?

Try creating a new image:

1. Create a flat of Windows 2000 on the hard drive (the i386 folder),
2. Download service pack 4 and extract it.
3. Slipstream the flat image with the service pack.
4. Click Start>Run>RISETUP and create a cd-based service pack RIS image.

Does RIS work OK so far?

5. RIS a workstation.
6. Customize the workstation (avoid updating the file NTOSKRNL.EXE with your
7. Run RIPREP on the workstation.

RIS still ok?

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