RIS - Local admin password issue


John Smith

I recently implemented the adminpw.osc screen on my RIS Server. I
have verified that it is passing the password I enter to the
<GUID>.sif file in the REMINST\tmp (I have tried it with and without
encryption). But once my image is installed, I have to use my old
local admin password to login.

I have found a post in this same group with a similar issue from back
in 2001, but know one ever replied to it.

Additionally in my research I found a post stating that an
AdminPassword=****** answer in a sysprep.inf cannot overwrite a
non-blank password. I assuming that this is the same for the
riprep/ristandard.sif answer files, but was hoping that someone could
verify, before I start re-creating all my images. I may just bag the
whole thing and leave the password in the sif or go the GPO route for
the whole domain, but thought that it might be nice to control this in
the setup screens. After all that is what it is there for, right? I
guess I just figured that Ripreping reset the SAM or cleared the
passwords somehow.

Any info would be appreciated.



Hannu Kulokari

No responses to this post yet. I have the same problem. Adminpw.osc does NOT
change the local admin password. And it seems to be completely undocumented.
What should <input type=localpassword> do, exactly? Win2003 Deployment Kit
does not mention it. Neither does it mention <input type=variable>, which is
handy and works as you might expect.

Anybody? Microsoft?


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