2003 Excel keeps freezing



I am currently having some major issues with excel and my IT department can’t
seem to be able to find the problem. I work with multiple excel files
ranging from small to large (20,000+). I start off by saving the files
locally, and then I start to work on them. There is a lot of copying and
pasting, plus I navigate through the windows with ALT+TAB. Ever so often the
data will “jump†or “disappear†when I am switching in between the different
excel files. Eventually excel will freeze to the point that I will only be
able to view one of the excel files I was working on and when you click on
the other windows, it doesn’t bring them up and brings you right back to the
excel file it froze on. The cursor no longer changes to a “cross†(the
normal excel cursor) but remains the same as if I was on a desktop; it
remains an arrow.

My IT department has tried the following solutions:

Uninstalling and reinstalling the software
Removing the office assistant
upgraded video card
Add more RAM
Saving the file locally and then working instead of working from the network
Rebooting the computer every 4 hours or more depending on the data jumping
(very inconvenient)

My IT department are running out of solutions…Can anyone help me please?!?

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