Excel freezes after I insert a new row


Richard MG

I have a workbook that was built in Excel 2003. Some time ago I saved it as a
..xlsm file and all seemed well. Just recently the following started:

I open the .xlsm file and enable Macros:
1. I go to any sheet and insert a complete row
2. Excel freezes
3. I use Task Manager to End Task, but instead of closing the workbook and
Excel it produces a Save request which I Cancel. I then Cancel the End Task
4. Excel is back up running OK!
5. While the workbook is running with Macros enabled I find that the same
thing happens in other workbooks that are open even if they do not have Macros
6. If I run a Macro within the .xlsm file that does an Insert Row it does
not freeze
7. If I put the file on another computer the same thing happend

If I run the file without enabling Macros I have no problem.

I have tried rebooting and re-opening Excel but it makes no difference.
Re-building the workbook would be a month's work! Is there a solution?

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