Excel Wildcard in Excel array formula

May 23, 2019
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This is my array formula: LARGE(IF((RawMTD_US!$K$7:$K$10005=$E$8)*(RawMTD_US!$L$7:$L$10005=$E$5)*(RawMTD_US!$O$7:$O$10005=$E$55),RawMTD_US!$T$7:$T$10005),$B9)
The section in red is where I am having the problem. It references a data validation field where I can choose specific departments and works fine when I choose a single department, The problem is that I want to be able to choose all departments at times and a single department at other times. Is there a wildcard I can use to represent all departments? I know * works when I am not using an array formula.

If I am not able to use a wildcard, is there a way to rewrite the LARGE formula so that it is not an array formula?

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