2000 cals on 2003 server


Ben Sivley

I have several citrix servers running 2000. I want to
setup a license server on 2003. Will my 2000 cals still
work if I move them to a 2003 license server. Also are
2003 cals downword compatable. Will they work on a 2000
citrix server.

Vera Noest [MVP]

Yes, you can install W2K TS CALs on a 2003 TS Licensing Server.
They will only be valid to connect to a W2K Terminal Server,

And yes, you can buy 2003 TS CALs and use them for connections to
a W2K TS. They must be installed as "Per Device" TS CALs, since
W2K doesn't know what a Per User TS CAL is.

I recommend reading the following White Paper, it contains a lot
of scenarios with mixed W2K and 2003 TS and LS.

Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Licensing White paper

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