Windows 2000 TS licenses


Kevin Davies

Folks :-
I've got a free standing windows 2000 terminal server which I want to allow
up to 10 windows XP pro / 2000 professional based TS clients to access.

- I believe I need in addition to the Windows 2000 server license, 10
Windows 2000 CALS and I need to install the TS licensing service on the
- It has been suggested that Windows 2000 CALs are unavailable in the UK, is
this true? If so will windows 2003 CALS work?


Vera Noest [MVP]

Yes, you need a TS Licensing Server, which will issue free, built-
in TS CALs to your W2K Pro /Xp pro clients.
And yes, Windows 2000 CALs are not available anymore, but you can
buy 2003 CALs and use your downgrade rights.

From Windows Server 2003 Pricing and Licensing FAQ

Q. Can I downgrade a Windows CAL for use on a Windows 2000 server?
A. Yes. Both Windows Server 2003 User and Device CALs can be
downgraded to access a Windows 2000 server.

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