2003 TS Licensing server controlling a 2000 TS




i understand that for windows xp and windows 2000 clients,
a terminal server CAL is not needed to access a windows
2000 terminal server, because they are already built
in... Now, i have another question...Can I setup a
windows 2000 terminal server, have a windows 2003 terminal
server licensing server control the licenses distribution
for that server, and not purchase any TS cals for my win2k
pro and xp workstations, because, theorectically, they are
still accessing a windows 2000 terminal server?

thanks for the input


Cláudio Rodrigues

Yes you can. A Windows 2003 Licensing Server can handle both Windows 2003
TSs and 2000 TSs.

Cláudio Rodrigues, MVP
Windows 2000/NT Server
Terminal Services


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