16-bit Program Error



I've come into possession of a rather ancient laptop (a
Micron TransPort Xke) that was running Windows 95. It
meets the requirements to run Windows 2000 (barely), so I
decided to upgrade the OS.

In the process, I reformatted the drive, accidentally
wiping out the Save to Disk partition needed for
phdisk.exe. Now boot-ups are wonky (more details on that
if you need it) and I can't reinstall phdisk.exe because I
get this error: "Command Prompt - phpdisk An
application has attempted to directly access the hard
disk, which cannot be supported. This may cause the
application to function incorrectly."

I knew that phdisk.exe needed a 16-bit file system, so I'm
using FAT on the drive and its three partitions.

So, what causes this error when I'm trying to run the
program in a DOS window on a clean 16-bit installation of
Windows 2000?

Thanks for your help.



Bob I

Is "phpdisk.exe" the equivalent of today's Hibernate? NT severely
restricts direct hardware access.

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