zip files won't download when clicked as they used to?


Pheasant Plucker®

Hi there,

Using XP Pro and no other .zip utilities AFAIK.

Past behaviour was when downloading a .zip file I would just left click on
it and I would get the usual download requestor asking where I want to save

Now when I left click all I get is the zip file opening up to show its

Annoying when you think you are downloading a large zip file only to find
that after waiting for it to download it opens up to show its contents and
you then have to right-click and save attachment as and wait for it to
download again...

I have probably missed something fundamental here but can some kind soul
please advise on what I need to do to return to its former behaviour please?



Alan Edwards

Try this:

You set this for each file type, e.g. for .zip
Explorer-Tools-Folder Options-File Types
Find the .zip association
Click Advanced and check the "Confirm open after download" box


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