Trouble with Zip Files



I have tried both Win Zip 8.1 and 9.0 and am encountering the same problem on
my new PC. When I Click on a *.zip file in windows explorer, it will not
open win zip. Also - no response with the right click. If I hover over the file , I will see a 'Files/Folders in Zip File: 2' for instance for a
two file zip.

However, I can use Start -> Run -> and put the file name there and it opens
the file with winzip fine. I can also open an attachment from my email
program Lotus Notes, and it will use the operating systems file association
with .zip - which is associated to win zip and it will open the file in win
zip fine. I can also manually open win zip and browse for my zip file.

I have verified my file associations. When I select ZIP , in the bottom I
see ' Opens with: WinZip Executable. ( I am not sure why it does not just say
WinZip as does another PC of mine that works fine.) I have even clicked
changed and browsed to "C:\Program Files\WinZip\WINZIP32.EXE" - It still will
not open the file when clicking or show any options when right clicking. I
even checked advanced tab and can see 'Open with WinZip' and 'print' in the
actions and 'Confirm open after download' is also checked.
What settings on this PC can I change to make this work?



One more piece of data. When I take the same .zip file and rename to just .z,
I can click on it in Windows Explorer and it opens fine - I can also right
click to see options. It is the same file, that when named .zip, this will
not work. The values in file associations for .z and .zip are identical as
well... Any body help here?


Sent email to WinZip support and they provided the fix - I will copy here in
case anyone else has this problem:

This issue was caused by the installation of the Microsoft Security
Update KB921398 for Windows XP.

One thing to note is that Windows XP, in its default state, treats Zip
files as if they were *folders* (not files). This is true regardless of
whether WinZip is installed or not. Unregistering the .DLL prevents the
OS from treating the Zip file as if it were a folder and instead, allows
Windows to understand the Zip as a *file*. You can work around the
issue by unregistering the Compressed Folders .DLL as described below.

To unregister Compressed Folders, pull up your Start menu, select Run
and issue the command:


After you do this, the next time you run WinZip, you will be asked to
associate it with Zip files. This is because unregistering the .DLL
also removes the .Zip association even though it may not itself be
associated with Zip files.

This Works! Thanks WinZip people!

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