You Tube videos not playing w Parental Control



Hello. Just got new computer with Vista Home Premium. Have set parental
controls to medium for my son. I am the administrator. If I go on "You
Tube" I can see the videos and hear the music = it all works fine. However,
if my son goes on you Tube he cannot see the videos/hear the music even
though I have put "You Tube" in as an allowed website in Parental Controls.
All he gets is the little circle (or timer) as though it is looking for the
relevant video but, even if we wait ages, the video never appears. I have
tried unchecking the "enable hardware acceleration" as per another post on
this site but that made no difference.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

Many thanks

Joe T

Sam - Did you have any luck with this issue? I have the same issue and I can
not find a fix for it. Thanks.


Hello, no, no luck with this issue. No-one has replied. It's obviously a
problem which isnt just confined to our computer though!

Any help from anyone else would be much appreciated.


I am having the same problem so anyone with a solution to this issue would be
a great help.


Perhaps your 'medium' setting applied to his account, filters according to
You may be confusing the block site feature with the filter content feature
parental control.

The help file may actually help here.


Hello. Thanks for help. I'm not sure what you mean when you say that perhaps
the medium setting will filter according to content - as far as I am aware
that is precisely what it is supposed to do! However, that doesnt explain
why it wont show videos of the classical singer Andrea Boccelli or eg a
modern pop group such as the Hoosiers. I haven't put a block on the total
website - in fact I have "allowed" You Tube and chosen a medium setting
(which I think equates to a 16+). Any further help gratefully received -
it's driving him, and me, mad and I'm inclined to take off all parental
control so he can listen to music. However, he is only 12 and I'm aware
there is a lot of stuff on You Tube which I dont want him to see.

many thanks.


I had the same problem with You Tube Not Playing Videos even after I set as an allowed site. The only way I was able to get it to
work was to change Parental Controls under the settings for my son and under
the windows vista web filter portion, block web content automatically, choose
a web restriction level, and set it to "none". It sort of defeats the
purpose of blocks, but you can still set up blocks in the other areas of
parental controls and in IE under tools, internet options, content, and
enable contents advisor.

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