You can still update Windows without Validation



As of now, you can still go to the "manual update" (catalog) page and
download Windows updates without validation. This may change - and
probably will.

The problem is - without the automatic scan of your PC, you will not
know exactly what you need. So instead, you can estimate the last
time you updated Windows. Then goto and list
all the updates. Then sort all the updates in the catalog by date,
and download and install those that are more recent than the last time
you updated your windows file.

I am surprised that Microsoft does not at least give out the security
patches to ANYONE. Because otherwise, the millions (maybe billions)
of invalid copies (especially in China) will be running bad code, and
that could actually cause more problems for the valid users -
especially if the code replicates and tries to infect other machines.
The next time a bad virus attacks a hole in the operating system, and
millions of users cannot fix it - who knows what effect that may have
on the Internet as a whole? Who know what effect that may eventually
have on us all - as the maliscious code will soon be everywhere,
running in millions of PC's all over the world, with no way for them
to stop it.

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