Can you install KB5034441?

Did KB5034441 install successfully for you?

  • Yes

  • No, it failed with error code 0x80070643

  • No, if failed with a different error code (post below)

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Captain Jack Sparrow

Jul 1, 2007
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This update sucks, it fails on ALL of my devices with code 0x80070643. It doesn't seem to make any difference if it's legacy BIOS/MBR or UEFI/GPT partitions.

I'm using Windows 10 21H2, but it applies to later versions too. The root cause is belived to be insufficient free space on the Windows Recovery Environment partition. But playing with partitions is very dangerous. If it goes wrong, you're screwed and you'll have to do a complete Windows re-install. That's not a risk I'm prepared to take.

Has anyone here actually got this update to install (without messing with partitions)?
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Yorkshire Cruncher
Mar 21, 2007
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Yes, it installed without any problems on 10/01/2024. I'm also using Windows 10 21H2.

I have, however, had problems with both KB5034763 and KB5035845 in the last 2-3 weeks. They both installed without problems but interfered with the functioning of the Windows Photos program, so much so that it would not work at all. On uninstalling them Photos worked perfectly again. I contacted Microsoft and they suggested hiding them using the Show or Hide Updates Program which , on hiding them, prevents them from being installed in the future. Perhaps not the ideal solution but at least everything is working normally again.

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