Yahoo chat Vista error. Need help



I have Vista premium home edition. When I open Yahoo messenger I get a pop
up saying a USB phone is detected. Then when I enter a room it says that my
sound compression is not compatible(pharaphrasing) so no sound. Also my
web-camera will not work in messenger. When I click to turn my web-cam on,
it says my camera is not plugged in. It works perfect as long as I am not in
messenger. I called tech support from my computer manufacturer and he said
the sound compression error and no sound was a common complaint but that the
web-cam issue was NOT common. He also stated that Yahoo nor Microsoft have
came out with a patch and their is nothing to do but wait for one. He said
it has been over a year and still no patch. He showed me several sites where
people have posted they are having the same problem wiwth sound compression
errors. However, I know people who have Vista and everything works just
fine! All my hardware and software is compatible with Vista. I just received
the computer last week. Any advice on sound compression or web-cam issures
would be greatly appreciated. I have only a basic knowledge of computers so
you may have to dumb it down.



Oh great Pile Of Dung

oh great said:
have you seen the yahoo messenger for vista preview?

it can be installed side by side with your other yahoo messenger
I Am Oh Great and I know everything in the universe. Just ask and I shall
tell you whatever you want to know. Want to know about the economy? Want
information on oil production across the globe? Just ask and I will tell
you the truth!

Just FYI


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