Webcam issues with Yahoo Messenger - Vista Home Premium

I have just got Vista Home Premium on a new Dell PC.

The Vista upgrade adviser, run on my old XP box, told me that all my peripherals
were OK for Vista - and so it has proved to be - with one maddening exception.

My old webcam (Trust cam) came up as fine with the Adviser but Vista wants to
install it as a Buffalo (?) webcam and it refuses to install / work correctly.
There are no Vista drivers available from Trust btw.

So, to make life simple, I bought a new MS Lifecam nx-6000 (advertised as
working with Yahoo and others) and installed the 1.3 drivers. Works perfectly
with MSN. But, for reasons unknown, Yahoo Messenger (v8 and v8.1) cannot
automatically find the device - and when I manually point Yahoo to it - Yahoo
responds with "Invalid picture size".

I have checked Yahoo help - which is silent on this issue, although I can see
some others are having the same problem.

Has anyone managed to find a workaround for Yahoo Messenger?

Thanks in advance.





Steve. I have installed an NX-6000 on my computer running XP, I can get a
picture of myself on my computer screen, but it does not want to send it to
the person I am talking with. This is on Yahoo Messenger. It also shows the
message "invalide picture size"
I would be pleased to find out where I went wrong?

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