XP will not remember windows explorer window size



hi, i've had this problem some years back, but can't remember how to fix
this....just like windows explorer. i've tried resetting all folders,
holding control key and clicking X in the title bar and going to File then
Close. nothing seems to work. anyone have any ideas.



You can try this reghack. Go to Start->Run and enter REGEDIT. Then drill
down to and delete these 2 keys


Be sure that you set a System Restore Point first and understand how to
restore Windows, in the unlikely case that the registry becomes corrupt.


Get the TweakUI powertoy for XP. Under the Explorer -> Customizations
node. Up the value to something like 8000. I don't recall if the
change requires a reload of Windows to make the change effective. It's
been so long since I upped this customization count to 8000 that I don't
remember what was the original value. This changes a registry setting
but I like doing it through TweakUI rather than do yet another Google
search trying to find the registry key and data item that get modified.

Jul 15, 2012
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I know these are old threads, but for you guys that have not got a solution. I've come to the conclusion that Windows Explorer is very closely linked to Internet Explorer. There may be a MS patch that allows separate settings for both in the future but until then:.......
Open I.E. and resize the open window to the size that you would like windows explorer to open at and then close using the file close option. This should then save the windows settings that are also applied to windows explorer. Open windows explorer to verify settings.
Simple but effective.
Hope this works. Took a while to work this one out for me.

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