XP Temp Folder


Lynn W

On my desktop machine running W98SE I very often on start-up delete the
Windows/Temp folder. I was wondering if it was the same with XP.
At the moment the Windows/Temp folder now has 6 other folders in it
including a Cookies folder, History Folder which contains a History.IE5
folder. Temporary Internet Files folder which then contains 4 other folders
with names which make no sense but contains letters and numbers.
I have asked someone and they said that it is not the same as W98. I don't
want to delete anything I shouldn't. I would appreciate some advice please


Is this installation of winxp an upgrade?
Under winxp, Cookies/History/Temp.Internet Files should be located, by
default in C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Local Settings\
Any other temp files eg installation files etc are also located there.
The Folders in Windows/Temp/ are likely to be empty, or leastways only
contain a single file; thus not use any real space. - leastways thats how
they are on my xp laptop
Now why are they there?, good question - never thought about it

Lynn W said:
I have used Disc Cleanup but if I remember correctly I don't think it
removed anything out of these files.

Lynn W

I have XP Home which was already installed on my laptop. I did have to do a
clean install using the System Recovery Disc which was provided by Toshiba
with my laptop.

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