XP SP2, Sysprep and Windows Media Player 10


Tim Munro

Hi all,

I'm having some difficulty with Windows media player 10 with XP SP2 and
sysprep for image creation. I get everything configured they way I want it
and ensure the Default User profile is updated properly. I tell sysprep to
"Reseal". Upon deployment however, the Media Player icon gets put on the
desktop (I didn't want that), and when you start Media Player it thinks it's
a first time invocation. I'm convinced that sysprep is doing this. Has
anyone else seen this? Does anyone know of a fix for this? (MSFT?)




Darren Curtis

Put this in the registry prior to running riprep and see if it prevents the icon from being created

Value =1

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I have noticed this too. I went ahead and tried to configure the
Media Player for a default profile but it still adds another icon (now
I have 2 on the desktop, lol). But when I run the new icon it just
runs through the MP setup and then deletes itself. It appears that
running sysprep will add "functional icon" to the All Users desktop
but that logging in to a new user account is goes ahead and adds this
"setup icon" to the desktop. I suspect that sysprep adds the All
Users icon and that logging in to a new account adds the "setup icon"
much the same way it adds Outlook Express to the user's start menu and
quick launch. I haven't been able to get rid of the OE icons either.

The most frustrating part is that OE doesn't look and see that Outlook
is already installed before adding itself. I mean c'mon Microsoft, I
went out and bought Outlook. I'm already using your paid email
client. Why do you have to bother me with adding OE.

Have you looked in to the Internet Explorer Administrators Kit? I'm
not sure if they have a new version of it for IE 6 or not. I wouldn't
be surprised to see that MS has integrated the MP with IE.

Does anybody out there have the scoop on what happens when a new user
profile is being created? I know it starts with the Default User
profile, but what else does it run?

Sorry to just add more questions, but I would love to understand this
process better.





KB887816 will fix this issue as SP2 and sysprep's mini setup destroys your
default user profile settings. Anyone know the registry settings for
widening the quicklaunch
slider bar to allow more icons to appear. i have lock down the SOE(desktop)
that forbids any domain user to change the slider.


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