Sysprep on WinXP?


Linn Kubler


I'm trying to deploy Windows XP sp2 using Sysprep. I've created my
reference computer, setup and ran sysprep per the MSKB article: 302577. I
ran Sysprep like so:

C:\sysprep\sysprep -reseal

That seems to run fine, sysprep runs and then shutsdown the workstation. I
turn on the workstation and the installation starts and then stops with the

The system is not fully installed. Please run setup again.

What gives? It was a working system before running Sysprep and it looks
like Sysprep runs properly but everytime I get this message. Am I missing
something in the setup?

Thanks in advance,



Linn Kubler

Ok, after some Google searching I think I figured it out... not a good
solution but you take what you get sometimes. Looks like it's Windows Media
Player 11. I removed it from the reference computer and now it works. If
anyone knows of a better solution please let me know.

Thanks just the same,

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