XP Software for Canon MV730i videa camcorder?


Jay Best

Hi there,

I have just brought a second hand Canon MV730i in good condition from a
second hand store, but it didn't come with the cables and software that it

It just doesn't seem to be picking up the fact that it is plugged into the
USB port.
I have tried plugging it in, and it didn't auto detect, so I rebooted with
it plugged in, but it didn't pick it up.

I found the following instructions on the canon site
Which basically says "install the software on the CD first, and then you are
I also found other sites that say that XP is fine and picks it up perfectly
so no drivers / software required.

I have 2 types of USB cable that I plugged into each of the ports, but
neither of them seemed to work. I also tried a second cable to prove that it
isn't the USB cable.

Which says run the software that comes with the camera, (which I don't have)
so I tried downloading what software there is online from the canon site(s):
- Zoom browser etc.
I downloaded from the Australian as well as European sites, but they only
updater programs..

So the questions I have are:

1) Does anyone know if it needs some special cable?
2) Does anyone have the software that it is supposed to come with? / Can I
have a copy?
3) Does it need a special setting for it to be picked up?
4) What would be the way for me to test if the port itself is somehow

I have also loaded Windows media player and tried to import, but that
doesn't work either.

Thanks heaps,

Jay Best




It's a digital camcorder... you need a firewire cable from the camcorder to
the PC.... and a firewire card in the PC. Once you've got those installed,
turn the camcorder on and in VCR mode... XP should then pick it up
automatically. Then open MovieMaker and capture.

The USB cable is for transferring still images from camcorder to PC and you
should be able to find the software at the Canon website.



Jay Best

You are a champion! I got the firewire card and cable, and I am away

For anyone in NZ, for the record Jaycar (no relation) have firewire cables
for only $NZ25 - $NZ35 and I have seen the cables alone for between $100-

Thanks again!
Jay Best.

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