XP Media Center Music Problem



I just bought a Pc with MCE 05 on it. It seemed really cool at first until I
started to load music onto it. First, I tried loading music from my old
computer(the computer with all of my music on it) over my wireless network, I
came across problems. Secondly, I tried a wired network, I came across
problems. Thirdly, I went into my old computer and burned all my music files
onto data CDs(roughly 25 CDs) and copied them onto my new MCE 05 PC, I came
across problems. Now, what problems did I come across? Well, MCE doesn't
recognize any artist I've put in there, I have to enter it manually. Next, I
found all the covers to all the albums I have on my old PC and it was all
organized by artist and album, MCE is confused by this and misplaces most of
the album covers or there will be no cover at all. Next, Alot of the albums
copied were missing tracks or entire albums(wtf?). Tracks are constantly
being placed in an "UNKNOWN ARTIST, unknown album" file. I've tried solving
this problem by going through and adding all the artist and album info for
each file(it takes a lot of time), using tagging programs that somehow
deleted the original files I had on my computer, and reloading all the files
with the artist/album info already on it. Nothing works! All it does is
create new folders inside MCE with almost identical artist/album info except
for a single character, it's extremely annoying. I thought this Media Center
Edition was supposed to make listening to music in an organized manner easy.
All it does is frustrate me, I had an easier time organizing my music on my
older PC with XP pro. And there is no customization of MCE, I figured since
it was part of XP it would be customizable.
I know that MCE has much more to offer than just the music; however, with
the TV recording, gaming, pictures, and Xbox 360 capabilities I figured that
the music portion of the program was flawless...in fact I was excited about
an entirely organized, easily accessible, music computer. I have no use for
the TV recording or Xbox 360 features(yet), can someone with an organized
music library please help me, I feel like I've wasted my money on an
un-needed, useless, poorly designed Real Player. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Will Denny


Please try the Media Center News Group:

news://msnews.microsoft.com/microsoft.public.windows.mediacenter or


Will Denny
MS MVP Windows Shell/User
Please reply to the News Groups

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