xp home connected reliable for weeks now give "The connection to the server has time out"



We have a terminal server at our location on W2K Server. Remote user is
connected via a VPN using linksys vpn routers at both ends that appear to be
working fine. The user has
gone away for one week and when they come back can no longer connect to the
Terminal Server using a Dell pc with XP Home which was working fine before.
They now recieve the message "The connection to the server has timed out.
Try connecting to the terminal server again"

I can ping the server from the remote pc and see shares via net view. TS
Licensing is activated and appears to be working fine. When watching the
Terminal Server Manager console when the user is trying to connect I see a
computer icon appear and then disappear. I can also connect to the TS via a
local pc on the same network as the TS and a remote pc from another location

Nothing appears to have changes at the user end and no changes have been
made to permissions on the server. What else is there to check and do?

In the TS Licensing server a license for the Dellpc is shown with no expiry

In the terminal service manager there are two idle connections one of which
changes to a computer screen icon when the problem pc is trying to make the
TS connection. Server is fully updated. Checked most of the newsgroups and
can't see any solutions.

Hope someone can help

Ron King

Have you tired connecting to another TS? I've had instances where users
were getting the same message, and licensing was OK, and all we had to do
was have them access another TS (they don't even need to log on), and then
they could get on the first TS. Don't know why, but I've used this fix a
number of times.

Ron King


Thanks for suggestions, don't have any other TS to connect to or try to
connect to. Also the event viewer doesn't show any messages regarding
licensing or anything regarding TS.


Have now tried telenet IPAddress 3389 and find cannont connect. As other pcs
are connecting I assume (always a bad idea) this means a port issue on the
remote network and not on the TS Server or server network.

Thanks for any insight


After reading the microsoft support page more closely realise the telnet
connection is connecting with the TS. As a computer icon is appearing in the
TS Manager and uses up an idle session from the remote XP Home system when
using telnet only.

Therefore I am at a loss

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