Upgraded to Win2003; how to get this to work with a Win2000 DC Terminal Services Server ?


Marlon Brown

TS Win2000 Server (client) was upgraded to Win2003 Standard Server.

Now when I try to connect to the Win2003 server via remote desktop I am

The remote session was disconnected because there are no terminal server
client access licenses available for this computer. Please contact the

Let me know confirm:

Based on the article below, Win2003-based terminal server cannot communicate
with a Win2000 Domain Controller.

The problem is this:

Besides this Win2003 Server that can't connect to the Windows 2000 TS DC
anynore, I still have Windows 2000 based TS.
If I install a member Win2003 Server as a Terminal Service Server, is my
Win2000 TS clients going to connect to my Win2000 TS DC, or should I switch
them to the Win20003 Term. Server member server ?
Please advise if any glitches are expected in case I have two terminal
licenses server running (one WIn2000DC and a Win2003 Server).

How to deploy Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services

A Windows Server 2003-based terminal server communicates only with a Windows
Server 2003-based Terminal Server License Server. You cannot install Windows
Server 2003 TS CALs on a Windows 2000-based Terminal Server License Server.
When you upgrade Windows 2000-based terminal servers to Windows Server 2003,
you must install and activate Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server License
Server or upgrade an existing Windows 2000 License Server to Windows Server
2003. Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server License Servers can communicate
with both Windows 2000-based and Windows Server 2003-based terminal servers.
When you deploy Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services in a Windows 2000
domain, you have the following licensing options:

Vera Noest [MVP]

I *think* that I understand what you mean, but let me verify it:

When you write "Win2003 Server that can't connect to the Windows
2000 TS DC anynore", do you mean "...can't connect to the Windows
2000 TS Licensing Server"?
Windows 2003 has no problem communicating with a W2K Domain
Controller (or it couldn't be a member of your domain at all), but
it must connect to a 2003 Licensing Server.

You can install the 2003 Licensing Service on the existing 2003
Terminal Server, since it doesn't have to run on a Domain
Controller (as W2K LS requires).

You can keep both licensing servers, one on W2K and one on 2003,
or put all your licenses on the 2003 Licensing server. Both
scenarios should work.

You are aware that you also need to buy and install 2003 TS CAL on
the 2003 Licensing Server for all clients, I assume?

Here's an excellent white paper with many examples about mixed W2K
and 2003 domains:

Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Licensing White paper

Marlon Brown

You understood my problem perfectly. Thanks !
You are aware that you also need to buy and install 2003 TS CAL on
the 2003 Licensing Server for all clients, I assume?

Not sure what the above means ? That means that I need to install the 2003
TS CAL that my WinCE and WinXPE are using... that's what I did even on Win2K

One more question:
Imagine that I install 2003 Terminal Services Server on the ScrewupGuysGroup
and then I keep my production Win2K DC as the terminal services server
running for the rest of my customers.

Later I upgrade my Win2K DC to Win2003 DC (on Win2003 I know I can put the
terminal server services on stand alone if I want to).
My question is this, in the future can I keep *two* 2003 Terminal Services
Servers in my domain ? If so, I will let the ScrewupGuysGroup manage their
own TS Server and I will use a separate Win2003 TS Server to manage the rest
of my organization. I couldn't do that before on Win2K because it had to be
done in DC, controlled by the network group.

Imagine that I have my existing clients that

Vera Noest [MVP]

Marlon, you seem to use the word "terminal services server" when
you instead mean "Terminal Server Licensing Server"!

These are 2 very different functions. If I understand you correct,
yes, you can have 2 separate TS Licensing Server in your Domain,
and you can directly controll which TS contracts which LS by
hardcoding the Preferred Licensing Server into the TS.

What I mean with 2003 TS CALs is just that.
Many people believe that their purchased Windows 2000 TS CALs also
will work when they connect to a 2003 TS. They won't.

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