Tcal on Win 2003


Keith Roos

Added a Win 2003 terminal server to our Win2000 AD.
Have Win 2000 terminal servers and Tcal's with terminal
licenses service running on a Win2000 DC (not a terminal
server of course). When I added the Win 2003 Tcals on the
Win 2000 license server it listed them as Win 2000 Tcal's.

Question is did I do the right thing adding the Win2003
Tcals to the Win 2000 license server or do I need to set
up another licenses server on the Win 2003 server?

So far I like what I see in Win 2003.


Matthew Harris [MVP]

The last time I checked, all TSCALs were backward
compatible, so installing Windows 2003 TSCALs onto a
Windows 2000 server was alright. However, since you are
moving to Windows 2003, then this might be a good time to
just buy a bunch of 2003 TSCALs and bring up a Windows
2003 server with the terminal services licensing service
on it.


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