XP computer suddenly blocked from workgroup


David K

We have 5 PCs on a workgroup.

Everything was working fine, including network printing
and visibility and mapping of shared resources. Every PC
could see all the others in the workgroup.

Suddenly 1 PC cannot see the workgroup - even itself!
Get the standard message re check permissions etc.

Other PCs IPs can be pinged, have rerun the network setup wizard,
checked firewall settings. Changed the workgroup name on the
problem PC - it still is not allowed to access its own shares.

The users are not sophisticated and did not change any settings.

Where should I be looking? What can cause this to happen?

David K, melbourne.au

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)


Alain Bourgeois

Hi David,

I had nearly the same problem.
It was due to nod32 antivirus/fw config. Although it was disabled, it seems
incoming udp was blocked.
The computer browsing network has sent requests, but udp answers from other
computers were blocked. There was a checkbox in nod32 network config, and it
works now. I didn't change anything to network config.


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