Xbox 360 and Vista - suddenly stop connecting!



I could really use some help... I called Xbox 360 support, who transfered me
to Media Center support, who told me that Vista dis-qualifies me from support!

I installed Vista several months ago and have had it working succesfully as
an extender with complete functionality (videos, music, etc) for quite some
time until a few days ago, when suddenly the two stopped connecting. I
uninstalled the 360 as an extender several times on my PC and reinstalled it
using the PIN the 360 spit out, however as it goes through the install
process everytime it times out in the final step (after testing the
connection, finding the network, finding the media, etc) - Connecting To The

The 360 eventually times out and shows me an error message of "Could not
Connect" and gives me a few tips including rebooting the 360 and making sure
it's connected to the network. (obviously not much help)

If anyone has any suggestions I would be very appreciative, I'm completely
lost as to what to try next to get the 360 and my pc to work as one again!

Thanks everyone!!

- Mike



Troy McClure

well, either youre running a beta of vista, or the rtm which still isnt
"available" to the public. so dont be surprised that youre not getting
support. did they say it would be supported after January 30th?

Paul Smith

I'm debating calling back and telling them I'm running XP MCE and seeing
they can fix the issue then, unless of course one of the many experts in
forum could possibly help me connect my PC and my 360 once again much

Well what changes have you made recently? Installed a firewall? Security
package? Mobile Device Center?

Paul Smith,
Yeovil, UK.
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User.
Get ready for Windows Vista:

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looks like we are using the same verion of vista, 5600 rc1. I am in the
process of downloading a new one off of msdn, i think its a later release,
rc1 is from september and there is a mid november release which i am guessing
is the final release.. may be. According to there has been some media
center changes over the differant versions so may be there is a fix in the
later version.


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