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I am working with multiple spreadsheets that contains many worksheets. These
spreadsheets are a compilation of work documents, each of the worksheets are
numbered sequentially. There is also a master spreadsheet to track all of
the multiple spreadsheets and their worksheets. The master spreadsheet has
links to each of the worksheets, but I would like to be able to do my link
one time and then copy and paste so that my link would be the last worksheet
plus 1. If my work sheet is 50, I'd like to be able to go to my master
spreadsheet and tell it to copy the info from work sheet 50, then the next
line would copy from work sheet 51, and the next line would copy from work
sheet 52. Is there a way to do this?



Franz Verga

Hi Carla,

I think you can try something like this:


You should adapt accordingly to your need, this is just to give you an

(I'm not sure of names of menus, options and commands, because
translating from the Italian version of Excel...)

Hope I helped you.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Franz Verga from Italy
Nel post:[email protected],

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