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I have a master spreadsheet that has multiple links in it from 150 other
spreadsheets. Needless to say it was very time consuming to link certain
rows from each spreadsheet. If there is a way to automate this for the
future, I would very much appreciate the info. I have no exp in VB by the
way. :) A co-worker was helping me do the links and accidently linked to the
wrong file name. Is there a way to change each link to the correct one
without it being such a manual process? For example, I have a spreadsheet
named County.xls. In that spreadsheet I have multiple rows linked to a
master spreadsheet which is another workbook with many different tabs which
are named after each row I am linking. My coworker linked the master to a
file called County 2010.xls.

Thanks so much in advance. It's extremely time consuming to copy and paste
each row.




Paul C

Use Find and Replace, simply replace all instances of County 2010.xls with

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