Word 2007 - Saving issues



Hi -

I have been using MS Word 2007 all day and had no issues with saving
documents. I started a new document and would type one sentence and was
prompted to save as ...I would hit save and in less than 10 seconds the save
as box would pop up again. I have to bring up task manasger or turn off the
pc...I am unable to use word because I can not get rid of the save after I
attempt to save a document it keeps popping up. This happens with a brand
new document and existing documents. I turned off the automatic save features
and to save 10 minutes...it did not help. Is it a registry setting?

MS Office 2007 was pre-installed on the Dell laptop which I purchase in 2007.

thank you,



Graham Mayor

See the reply to your later question posted 12 minutes after this one!

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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