Lost formatting when saving Word 2007 as Word 2003


Brian MDB

We have recently upgraded to Office 2007 but need to save documents for
external clients as Word 2003 documents. However we have found that when
they are opened in Word 2003 the formatting is completely wrong - these are
basic documents without any fancy style being used - but BOLD text can become
unbold, and vice versa, font size can change, italics can be turned on/off.

If we open the "now 2003" document again in 2007 it looks fine - so there is
something wrong with the way Word 2003 is reading the document which was
created in Word 2007 but saved as Word 2003. No compatibility warnings come
up at the time of saving.



Herb Tyson [MVP]

In Word 2007, check Developer tab - Document Template - Templates tab, and
see if "Automatically update document styles" is enabled. If that option is
ticked in the document you're saving, it could cause the issue you're
seeing. Turn off that option before saving in Word 2003 format, and see if
that fixes the problem.

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