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some of my documents open in Show final with markups, how can I get it to
open without showing the markups. I see the "final" feature but if I save as
Final, would I still be able to edit the document later?




Basically, if there's markup, it will always show when you open a
file. This is to save you from embarrassment in case you forget it's
there and send it to someone who shouldn't see it.




There is a setting buried deep within the Privacy Options that allows for
Tracked Changes in the document to reamin hidden on Open & Save. However,
it's buried deep for a very good reason - it does not *remove* the markup
content. Therefore, anyone can change the setting when they receive a copy
of the doc, thereby making all the markup visible once again.

Please take this in the helpful spirit in which it's intended: If you or
your co-workers are going to use the Track Changes features it would be a
good idea to first become fully familiar with all aspects of it... It is a
highly "discoverable" feature which has much the same volatility of someone
with no knowledge of firearms "discovering" a loaded handgun. You might
begin with the articles linked to from this Help page in Word;


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