Word 2007 not correctly numbering sections




I use Word styles, eg Heading1, Heading2, etc and want to have
numbering for Heading1-4. In previous versions of Word I have used,
the numbering was automatic and just worked. But it appears broken in
my document.

In my document the first six Heading1's are correctly automatically
numbered as expected (eg consecutively and the sixth numbered 6).

But the next Heading wants to be number 1 !!! Grrr.


I have gone to manually typing the numbers but this is a right pain
because this is a large doc and on any edit I have to renumber. It is
not much fun.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get Word numbering of sections working




Peter T. Daniels

Is it possible that on #7 it has somehow got "Restart numbering" into
its little head? Left-click on that heading and choose the numbering
choice and fix it there.

I assume you know that to set heading numbering, you place the cursor
in the very first Heading 1 and choose "New outline numbering" (or
whatever it's called) even if the outline is already numbered, and
assign the parameters for all the levels from that panel.


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