Word 2007 hangs when I attempt to save



First, please refer to the thread I started in Word General Questions:
or <http://tinyurl.com/l34u7u>.
I was way over my head there, with being advised to delete all the files
being sprayed all over my hard disk every time Word would crash -- I was
never sure I had tracked them all down. I'm actually a new user of Word 2007.
I've owned it for months, but haven't been able to use it without it crashing.

Some possibly relevant info is:
I have Win XP Pro SP3 and Office Home and Student 2007.
I have the Japanese Language Pack, and the Japanese IME. But I rarely use
either, except for a phrase or two in Japanese in a Gmail email.

Possibly because of the Japanese Language Pack and the IME, Word opens with
the font set to MS Mincho 10.5, which is what I'd use to type Japanese. I'd
rather the default font would be Verdana 12, for English.

But no matter -- if I begin a document and save it even after just a few
words, Word hangs.

At this point I'm wondering if the solution wouldn't be to uninstall Office,
and then reinstall it.

Advice, please.



Terry Farrell

That may be a symptom of a Word Data Key corruption - usually because Word
has been running when updates are installed.

Symptoms of Data Key corruption may include:

• The mouse does not work when you use Word.
• You cannot open a Word document from the Search window in Windows
• You cannot open a Word document from Windows Desktop Search.
• Word crashes when you try to start or exit Word.
• Word crashes when you open the Open dialog box.
• Word crashes when you save a document.
• Word crashes when you close a document.

See MSKB 940791 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/940791 and click on the FIX

Terry Farrell - MSWord MVP

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