Word 2007 document versions


Clif Barber

I am Office 2007 on XP Professional and all software is up to date. Word
ocassionally saves a document I have requested to be a Word 97-2003 file
(.doc) in a way that Word 2003 users cannot open. I suspect that it is
saving a .docx format in a file with a .doc extension. HELP!!

Stefan Blom

If you specified the Word 97-2003 format, I don't see how Word could change
the file format.

Have you considered treating the file as corrupt?


FWIW, I agree with Stefan: Although I readily admit that in today's world
nothing is impossible, but what you suspect is about as close to it as you
can get :) If that were the problem you'd probably be seeing some sort of
issue trying to reopen the file yourself.

I have another suspicion, but you don't mention how these 2003 users are
getting the files. If by email attachment the cause of the problem is most
likely on the recipient's end or somewhere between you & them.

If it is via email, have you tried Zipping the file before attaching?

HTH |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

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