Won't boot in safe modes after no battery power loss



I was swapping batteries while my Fujitsu T4020 was booting, when the AC
adapter plug came out. Now it will not boot. While I can get into the bios
set up, where everything looks fine, if I boot normally it hangs on the
windows logo screen for several minutes, then flashes a blue error screen so
fast I can't read it, and then restarts the boot at which point it hangs on
the windows screen interminably, tho the blue load indicator keeps moving.
If I boot to safe mode with command prompt, it lists a few dozen driver files
and stops on a multi(0)... system32\drivers\mup.sys, then goes to a black
screen and hangs.
I'm stuck, HELP!


Update: I discovered that mup.sys is Multiple UNC direct, so I went into the
bios setup and shut off all the networking hardware, to no avail. I want to
try to find a tablet, or pro sp2 might work, cd so I boot form the cd and
then recopy just this corrupt file. Think that would work? I hate to have to
restore the thing.


Did you try "Last known good configuration" from the boot menu?

Consider the possibility that the corrupt driver, if that is the problem, is
the one following mup.sys which in my case is agp440.sys.

A CD boot would give you the opportunity to run checkdsk.


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