WMM hang - Memory page faults ? Clear list ?


- Bobb -

I am occasional user of WMM V2.1.4026.0
Physical memory = 1gb. AMD 3200+
Issues creating a movie from my digital camera: details on app locking up

Anyway to tweak XP SP2 to " work nicely" with WMM ?
I see WMM page faults a lot and wondering WHY ?
It shows 49k in use and it's page faulting ?
I see lots of free memory -why is it pagefaulting ?
I manually set virtual memory pagefile to 2gb - 4gb
I have VM set to have Windows autoadjust - same thing

I do find that if I create a project and save it frequently as I'm
building it it works fine. But in a few months I'll forget and after a
hang or two, then I'll remember to save it - exit - reopen - add etc. Is
the "trick" just to save the project to disk often ?

While building a movie using jpg's and avi's from my digital camera, I can
add files/video until movie is 5,6,7, minutes long and then I'll go to add
one more thing and it locks up. Task Mgr shows 99% of CPU usage and memory
usage will increment by 2 ,8 maybe 20 pages. Page faults will show a few
times a minute. Then I remember " this happened last time too". It'll
hang the job forever. Just prior to me clicking on the next video name, I
might have added a file , sometimes I would have played the movie back a
bit with no sign of a problem. But JUST AS I click on that next item - it
locks up: the WMM window will not respond. I don't know " Was the reason
for the hang the fact that I clicked on that next avi to add, or had it
really hung while playing back ?" If I click on my " desktop" shortcut,
the desktop responds, I can go to the internet / email etc - everything
else is fine. If I didn't know that job was hung, I'd never notice. But
WMM is hosed for that session.

When I reboot/ reopened WMM, it found my project / checked and recompiled
it. I saved it - closed WMM.


- Bobb -

Small jpegs - 200k, up to 2mb. The avi videos in this project range from
800k to 20mb. Even when 'things are OK' it takes a lonnnggg time to
open/check a 10 minute project. While doing so the CPU is at 98-99% in
use. I find that if while checking the project I open a few other windows
( rather than watching the 'checking' bar grow to 100 %) I can always make
it hang. So now I click open project and nothing else - then it usually
opens ok. But on a 10-15 minute project, I can consistently make it hang
my opening other windows/getting cpu busy.

I did try your site - thanks.

Graham Hughes

So what is the result if you change the jpegs to bitmaps?

What file type is the video?

The problem you have is often caused by incorrect file type!

- Bobb -

I've got all jpg's from my camera - no bmp.
I didn't try to open/convert each.
The video is avi - also right from my camera.

MSFT website says avi and jpg are fine for WMM. That's why I downloaded it
/ using it - to take the output of my camera from a trip and make a
movie/post it and family/friends can see it online rather than sending
each of them 100 pix and 30 videos. I was hoping to simply drag/drop my
files - make movie - post it - done. Send them the link to it.



The MSFT website does say JPG's & AVI's are ok but users have reported JPG's
to sometimes cause problems and as far as AVI's go they could be made by any
of a host of different codec's so sometimes they are compatible and
sometimes they are not.

- Bobb -

As it is, it worked fine - made the wmv movie file OK - as long as I
didn't run another app, so I it doesn't seem like file-type - seems to be
to be the application itself can't handle interruptions. That's why
originally I asked if I could specify startup options to devote more
memory to the app so that it doesn't constantly page fault.

Again, I'm all set for now and will just not open anything else while
compiling a movie.


Graham Hughes

Or it has trouble dealing with files which are not totally compatible, thus
requiring more resources to do the task.

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