WMM & .avi



Something happened so I could not import or open files with pinnacle. I
downloaded trex & tried to convert a file & now I can open .avi files with
WMM. I was under the impression WMM did not do .avi. I can even import now
into WMM but Pinnacle still does not work so I still cannot burn to DVD. Any
info on WMM & .avi. Thanks

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

AVI files will happily work in WMM IF (and only if) you have the correct
codecs installed.

I'd uninstall and reinstall Pinnacle and see if that improves the

Graham Hughes

There are two types of dv-avi files, known as type 1 and type 2. Whereas MM
makes one sort pinnacle I believe uses the other, so you may find that
converting the file may well mean it can be imported into Pinnacle.
Conversion tool here

Now if you don't have a dv-avi file it could be that it is not compatible
with the app, such as a divx avi file

Graham Hughes
MVP Digital Media

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