SP3 and window movie maker



When I upgraded from SP2 to SP3 some time ago did upgrade affect WMM working
with SP3?. Reason being it is not working.

And if upgrade did affect WMM I am not sure about going back to SP2

Is there some other way to add a wav file to a avi file from a Canon SD750?

I have software to convert resulting avi to mp4 and then to youtube upload.



your main Movie Maker executable is the version 2.0 one, not the latest 2.1
which has been out since Service Pack 2 was released in 2004.


Would you know where I can find a downloadable version of 2.1 reason I ask is
it appears I would have to back to SP2 which came with 2.1 and then back to
SP3 and 2.1 may or may not work with sp3.


partial victory
I found below and was able to reinstall WMM except still cannot drag and drop.
Reinstalling Movie Maker 2.1...

Reinstalling Movie Maker

* Browse to C:\Windows\inf
* Right click on Moviemk.inf and select Install
* When it asks for your Windows XP cd put it in and browse to the i386
folder. If you've installed the set of backup files on your hard drive,
browse to c:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386
* Select moviemk.exe and click the Open butten
* the OK button will copy the files and finish the reinstall....


Then I did below by copying those 8 files plus filter to moviemaker.
Yes I can bring in a wav or avi file and see it play in play window no

dragging and dropping is still a problem. And yes I opened a new project
prior to drag and drop. When I drag I press left mouse and drag and then
release. Saying that just in case I should be pressing some other button at
same time.

Would you want to see another picture of what I have in moviemaker?

Movie Maker 2.1 files will over-write the version 2.0 files in the
c:\Program Files\Movie Maker folder... the new files are:

moviemk.exe - 8/4/04 - version 2.1.4026.0 - 3.56 MB in size - the main
executable that you open when starting Movie Maker

wmm2ae.dll - 8/4/04 - version 2.1.4026.0 - 168 KB (Auto Edit)

wmm2ext.dll - 8/4/04 - 8 KB - version 2.1.4026.0 - (Ext)

wmm2filt.dll - 8/4/04 - 402 KB - version 2.1.4026.0 - (Filters)

wmm2fxa.dll - 8/4/04 - 502 KB- version 2.1.4026.0 - (FX)

wmm2fxb.dll - 8/4/04 - 326 KB- version 2.1.4026.0 - (FX)

wmm2res.dll - 8/4/04 - 4.26 MB- version 2.1.4026.0

wmm2eres.dll - 8/4/04 - version 2.1.4026.0 - 4 KB (new file - Ext Resources)

wmm2res2.dll - 8/4/04 - 6 KB- version 2.1.4026.0 - (new file - implements
the new Compatibility tab of the Options window)

filters.xml - 7/17/04 - 8 KB (new file in the Shared subfolder - a list of
trusted filters)


do you mean drag and drop into Movie Maker from a file manager, or from the
collections to the project storyboard/timeline?

did you re-register the dll's after copying them into the folder, just for
good luck


do you mean drag and drop into Movie Maker from a file manager, or from the
collections to the project storyboard/timeline?
from left hand collections to storyboard/timeline.
And I started a new project prior to drag and drop

I did re register each of those 5 files using run and copied each one at a
time. And did get message saying each was registered.

If I open a new project there are 6 large story boards and 1 smaller board
between each. six large 5 small.

Up on top in center screen I see collection movie0011 under name I see file
name movie0011 if I highlight movie0011 I can play it in right play window.
first story board has like a gray border not more than a few pixels wide
around it. all other boxes to right have no border.

When I click on movie0011 under name and drag it to first left side large
box, gray border around box turns darker blue. Nothing in box just a blue
I'm thinking something should appear in box. Nothing does.
If I drag movie0011 under name in center box to any other story box nothing
happens. Box I drag to does not get a boarder. nothing.

I feel an answer is close.


if it matters I can't drag or drop or copy a video transition or effect to
storyboard or line.

What I can do is highlight previous comments and delete which is to say my
mouse appears to be working.


you're describing the appearance of the storyboard view for a new project,
before you've placed anything in it.... from the collections (above the

each new avi file imported gets a new collection... with a clip or batch of
split clips in it.... you select one or more and drag/drop them to the

sounds like you just need some basic learning about how it works (or
doesn't)... hopefully not a problem


Are you saying if I open WMM
click on file,
new project
video transitions
and then drag and drop to storyboard or story line and dragging and dropping
one or any transition or effect option and nothing drops to story board then
sounds to you like I just need some basic learning about how it works (or > doesn't)... hopefully not a problem?

Because if you telling me I need more help exactly what would I be doing
wrong if what I am doing above takes about 4 seconds it that?


you can't drag and drop transitions or effects to the storyboard before you
have clips on it.


I have the same camera, which records avi files using a Motion JPEG
codec.... VISTA 'out of the box' doesn't support the avi files from that
camera, but this is an XP newsgroup and it should. But if you have a codec
issue, using it to test Movie Maker isn't as good as using something like a
BMP image file.

WAV files... and all audio files, don't go to the storyboard view of a
project. They go to the timeline view.


Are you saying I can change settings on SD750 so it will take video as bmp?
Probably not. No such option. avi file I have been working with was taken
with setting at NTSC other option is PAL. Does it matter?

And I would guess if you have same camera, coincidental for sure, how are
you extracting image from card?
I dragged image from card to desk top not using zoombrowser.
I have Any Video Converter and converted same avi to wmv and it still will
not drag and drop to story or line board. It does appear in large screen as

I can left click on thumbnail and drag it to story line or board and when I
let off of left mouse click. Nothing appears in story line or board.

This is not going so well.


I contacted Canon about SD750 avi files.
There is no way to video without sound being recorded.
Audio added option using Zoombrowser does not record over sound it adds to
sound like a TV in background with video was taken.

So I took some double stick tape and pasted it over microphone opening on
SD750 and it reduced recording sound a lot.

I want to add a wav file to avi file from SD750

PapaJohn \(MVP\)

I'm trying to say that a Motion JPEG file isn't a good video to use to test
Movie Maker and how well it's working. There are other issues (codecs) that
come into play.

A BMP file is a still picture, not a video clip.... can you take the still
pictures from your Canon, which are JPG files, and move them to the



Sorry I forgot bmp is not a video. I tried with a jpg and does not go to
storyboard or line.

I can tell you this.
when i left click on jpg, avi or wav and slowly drag it down center section
and I can see thumbnail moving.
when thumbnail gets approximately 1/2 way across dividing blue line between
center section and story board and just beyond it disappears. with my finger
still on left mouse key if I go up it reappears as a same thumbnail. there
is a warning sign or circle with a slash on thumbnail when it is being moved.
I am using broadband verizon, expression web for my web pages, firefox,
thunderbird, yahoo mail plus, Google and dragging and moving are not a
problem in my emails or anything else.

I use avg free and I am fire walled with windows.

My guess is there is a missing file or something going wrong with storyboard
section as everything else seems to work. Dropping and dragging to story
board not.

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