Video OK, no audio



Ithink the editting & special effects on Windows Movie
maker are excellent! Here's the problems I am having.
1) How do you burn my exported DV-avi file to a DVD?
2) I am having the opposite problem others are- I get
good picture quality, but no sound! When I play back the
video in WMM, all is fine, picture & sound. When I go to
import the file into Sony's Click to DVD, the picture
plays fine, but no sound! Pinnacle studio 8 won't even
accept the file as valid to import. Should I save the
exported file in a different format than DV-AVI?



I am having the same problem. When saved to DV-avi file, it plays correctly, but burned through Click to DVD - no audio (except what is automatically put in by Click-to-DVD's software).

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