Wireless Connection and article 871122

Sep 2, 2013
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When I open my wireless network connection, I no longer
get a list of wireless networks in range, but get the
following message:

Windows cannot configure this wireless connection
If you have enabled another program to manage this
wireless connection, use that software.
If you want Windows to configure this wireless
connection, start the Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC)
service. For information about starting the WZC service,
see article 871122 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base on the
microsoft.com Web site.

Previously I could view the wireless networks in range.
However, after unsuccesfully loading my SBC/Yahoo
DSL/wireless gateway software, I apparently changed some
settings that I can't change back and no where on the MS
website is there anything that discusses my particular
predicament. Sure, there are articles that seem to
relate but in reality don't apply. In addition, I could
not find this "article 871122."

Can anyone please help?!?!?!

how do i configure if wireless list is not appear to the choose a wireless box information

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