WinXP Remote Desktop and Linksys Routers



After working successfuly with WinXP's remote assistance for a couple
of weeks, I am now trying to get remote desktop to work. I have read
most of the threads and web pages concerned with setup but I still can
not connect to the remote computer.

Here is the situation. Both computers are: running WinXP Pro, uPnP
installed, behind Linksys routers (one a BEF41 wired, the other behind
an equivalent wireless router), uPnP enabled on both routers.

On the computer I am trying to connect to, I have forwarded port 3389
to the IP address of the computer (

I know the public IP address of the router I cam trying to connect to,
but when I try to connect, I get an error claiming a connection to the
computer could not be established.

I have used remote desktop to interact with the computers on my local
network so the problem seems to be a router connfiguration problem.

Neither router has a router based firewall (other than NAT) and the
WinXP firewall is disabled on both.

What am I missing?




I solved a similar problem by editing the XML in the
remote assistance ticket. The problem was w/ NAT - the
ticket list the privat ip rather that the router's ip.
Try having the client send a remote invitation by email
and save the file to your desktop. Open the file w/
Notepad and replace the local ip (192. or 10.) with
router's public ip and save the file. You should be able
to connect.


I was able to get Remote Assistance to work correctly. My problem is
with Remote Desktop.

Sooner Al

Maybe a firmware issue? What version of firmware are you running? With versions older than, and
including, 1.42.7 you had to disable "SPI" in order to get port forwarding to work correctly.

Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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I have the most recent firmware on both router. The router on my end
BEFR41 has 1.45.7. I updated the firmware at the other end a few weeks
ago to the latest available although I don't remember the version

Bill Sanderson

Newer isn't always better--see the adjacent thread with Ray C.

It isn't obvious that you are doing anything wrong. Simplifying, by either
using the DMZ feature of the router, or removing the router from the picture
at one end or the other or both may help.



Jeffrey Randow (MVP)

The best practice with Linksys firmware is to wait a few weeks before
applying it to see how it has worked on others systems.... :)

Jeffrey Randow (Windows Net. & Smart Display MVP)
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