Remote Desktop through a Linksys Router



I have been trying for a week to get RDT to work.
I have a Desktop w/ Win XP Pro SP3 at the office on a small Lan behind a new
Linksys WRV210 Router (VPN Router). Trying to connect from home on a Desktop
w/ Win XP Home SP3. Setup the XP Pro to accept a remote connection made sure
that the exception for RDT was checked under the firewall. Set up the router
for Port Forwarding: Start =3389 End=3389 Protocol = Both IP Address = (IP Address of Computer behind the router) The router is setup
with a static IP address.
At home when trying to Log In, I have tried both the "Name" ie "Office" and for the Computer and I use the (Static IP or the
router) for the Domain. What am I doing wrong? Any additional setting that I
am missing?



Sooner Al [MVP]

When calling the office PC from home use the public IP of the router, ie. the
IP assigned by the office ISP.

You can test port forwarding through the router by logging on the office PC
and going to and running the test for port 3389.

Also, as a test make sure you can use RDC to connect to your office PC from
another PC on the same LAN. In that case use the office PC private LAN IP

Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows – Desktop User Experience)

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no
The MS-MVP Program -


I have no problem connecting to at the office within the LAN.
This number is what I type in when they ask for Computer. At home, I am
outside the router, should I use the same number for the computer or the
static IP Address of the router? What do I use when they ask for Domain? I
have been using the Static IP Address of the router. I did check the port
forwarding as Sooner Al suggested, this was OK. Thanks


The light switch finally came on!
Using the Static IP of the router, then tells the router to forward to the
Port 3389, which in turn directs it to the IP address of behind
the router.
Thanks for your help.




1.) To remotely connect to your PC from an external source using a "name"
you will need to implement Dynamic DNS.
( There are
plenty FREE providers.

2.) To use your IP: open RDP and type in your external address:
24.x.x.x:3389 (That is your External IP with a COLON then the Port Number
3389). That should work.



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