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Kevin R. Garand


I work for a public/private highschool and we utilize the Windows policies with Novell Zenworks to secure our desktops. One problem we have had was the students have found that they have the ability to save to the desktop. The have figured out that they (students) can save files to their storage device and create a shortcut to that file on the desktop. We would love to know how to stop this from working. All workstation machines are WinXP.

I have researched and cannot find a solution to stop them from doing so. We use the Windows policies as I stated, and Novell's Zenworks just pushes them out to the desktop.

If anyone has a solution, I thank you in advance.


Kevin R. Garand

Well the reason we are using it is because we have a license with Novell for
our server products. We are slowly moving towards the Windows world. The
problem we are facing is we let the kids save their documents, PPT slides
etc to a storage device. Some kids have realized that if they save a .exe
file to their storage device, and create a shortcut to that file on the
desktop "some" programs will actually run. In fact "some" show up in
Add/Remove programs and of course you cannot uninstall the application
because it is looking for E:\ which is the storage device.

We have thought about deep freeze, but it's expensive for educational
licensing. So..we are left with trying to stop them from saving to the
desktop, and so far no clues.

Thanks for responding and any help anyone can provide.

Kevin R. Garand

yeah that's exactly what we thought, but it's happening. Noticed it this
week while they were on break and we were doing upgrades.


Sorry, but that is too weird. An ordinary user should not be able to install
anything for other users. Something else is going on there.

Try the shared computer toolkit. I think you'll like it.

Kevin R. Garand

"Try the shared computer toolkit. I think you'll like it."

Sorry and that is? Never heard of it.

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