WindowsUpdate via Terminal Services client?


Scott Matthews

I'm new to Terminal Services, and one of the posts that I read in this
group was cause for concern -- it seemed to say that patching the
server OS from within a Terminal Services client may not be a good
idea. Is that so?

In other words, don't I just open the server in the client, and then
open IE and WindowsUpdate?

If not, what it the proper procedure?

This is a Remote Admin (not Application Server).


Matthew Harris [MVP]

While there is some conflicting evidence, it is common
practice to not patch your system while in a terminal
services connection. I do it, as well as other people,
quite successfully, but just to be safe, you should always
try to install patches and SPs through the console.


Mark Mancini

let's just say this.....years ago people performed backups and had scheduled
times to do updates b/c they sometimes crashed machines. With Windows
Update, people have gotten lax and don't do this and as a result you see a
lot of frantic blue screen posts! I only TS in and apply updates I'm sure
of. I backup before major updates.


I've patched using windows update via Term Services tons
with no problems with the server in remote admin mode. It
usually warns becayse of servers in app mode where you
have to use the dos command: change user /install and then
begin patching and change user /execute after your done.

Scott Matthews

And so Microsoft's "official" practice is not to patch via
WindowsUpdate in a Terminal session?

Heh, that seems like the whole point of Terminal Services! ;)

Is there a way to get the simplicity of patching via WindowsUpdate
without fear of blue screen?

Is this blue screen threat real? Is it only a problem with Application
Server, or Remote Admin too?


Mark Mancini

I think they just don't want you to get lax and not do your backup or image
BEFORE applying it remotely from bed.

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