Terminal services in server 2003 document scanning




scanner at remote network, either networked or local to
client. Application running on terminal services at main
location. I need to scan documents from remote location
using the application through terminal services to the main

I have heard that terminal server 2003 could do this, also
I am currently running server 2000 so could it be done in
server 2000?



Matthew Harris [MVP]

I am unaware that Windows Server 2003 can do this, in
fact, I'm pretty sure it can't.

Accessing a local device like a scanner is going to be a
real tricky thing to do, and in most (if not all) cases,
this isn't going to work. Vera and I posted some
information about getting scanners to be network aware,
which might help you out. If you could get your scanner
to obtain an IP address and the scanning software
tolerated this, then you should be able to support this
type of infrastructure.


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