WIndows XP windows media 10 and 11 wont play AVI video of DIV3 files, others OK



Hello, I have a problem with playback of some AVI files Windows Media
Player 10. Audio works fine .

i upgraded ro 11 and it still happens

The video (.avi) is compressed using the DivX Codec...I already have the
latest version of DivX 6.80 installed in my computer...Whenever I try to
play it on WMP 11, there will be an error message saying "Windows Media
Player encountered a problem while playing the file"...I went to Web Help
but it either says that I have a sound problem or that I do not have the
correct codec installed. My sound works perfectly, and whenever I play the
video, the sound is still able to play in the background, but no video
appears. (the error message will appear of course)

I tried using GSpot to double check, but the codec (used to compress the
video) is Div3.
i have DIV3 installed. even sjows up in loaded DLL's

I tried uninstalling the DivX bundle and reinstalling DivX 6.8 again, but it
didn't work. Also, the DIV3 videos are still playable on players like Divx
player and winamp and VLC Media player .

odd thing is if i play another avi file first and then play the avi that has
DIV3, it works !

And I hope that I've stated adequate information about the problem...So can
anyone help me out?

i can use winamp but i like MP better


Andrew E.

Try downloading WM encoder 9 series,in the encoder select "convert audio/
video",run the file thru the encoder,then try playback thru WMP.


thanks for the suggestion but i have alot of AVI files that use Divx 3

i would rather have it fixed ythe right way rather than vhanging decoders
this used to work.
the encoder didnt work it anyway

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